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Studien, Zertifizierung und Markteinführung von

Zwirnmaschine. Brechmaschine. Trockenschränke, Kühlschrank, Gefrierschrank. Medcork - Maschine den Durchmesser zu messen, so dass / Höhe / Gewicht / Feuchtigkeit Kork

Research bureau

The creation and development of a variety of materials

Computer-aided design system. 3D-press. Creating models and prototypes


Constant monitoring and improvement

Control in the preparation of materials. Control of the finished product. Definition of specifications for customers and suppliers. Internal audit quality. External audit of suppliers of quality

Preparation plugs

Control and preparation

Order. Application of paraffin and silicone. Perforation

Food safety

ISO 22000 Certification

Internal audit quality. External audit quality. Monitoring compliance

Environment the production process

ISO 14001 certification

Standards of Cleaner Production. Energy savings. Internal audit quality. Monitoring compliance. REACH - EU regulation on chemicals

Injection molding

Workshop training equipment. Injection molding of plastic parts (heads, caps, medallions). Injection molding of synthetic components

Decorative design

Pad. Application of gold leaf


The shop manual gluing. Workshop speed gluing. Control of gluing thermal camera. Shop spikes

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